Firefox Home for iOS, done right

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Logo Foxbrowser - Simon Gr├Ątzer

New: Version 2.0 adds support for iPhone and iPod!

Foxbrowser is an attempt to upgrade Mozilla's Firefox Home iOS app with a shiny new UI and provide an overall better browsing experience than Mobile Safari.

This hobby project started as a fork of Firefox Home. I replaced the entire user interface and designed a new one with tabs and everything else you would expect from a browser.


  • Support for Firefox Sync as in Firefox Home (Open tabs, Bookmarks & History)
  • Secure end to end encrypted transport of your Sync data
  • Supports Do Not Track
  • Up to 10 Tab's
  • Start screen with the most frequent visited History entry's
  • See open tabs from your other Firefox Sync enabled devices
  • Real-time search in your browsing history, bookmarks and tabs
  • Search engine integration in the Address bar
  • Send Tweet's and mail's directly from the App
  • Support for Http Auth (based on NSURLProtocol)
  • Best of all: It's free (Apache Licence)

Sync support limitations

Due to limitations in the Mozilla Weave sync provider, there is no support for saving bookmarks. Tabs and history are not synced upstream to your other devices.

Future development

I'm hoping that Mozilla is going to extend their support for iOS based devices and I would like to contribute to an official Firefox for iOS. As far as I know they are working on an experimental iOS project named Mozilla Junior. As soon as they release some results I should be able to replace the old Firefox Home Sync code and provide two-way sync

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